Upcoming 2015 Performances:

Come hear THE MAGNOLIA KLEZMER BAND and eat, drink, dance, clap, shake, or listen!

Wednesday, March 4th, *Watts St. Band Purim Dance Party@Beth El Synagogue, Watts St., Durham, NC (evening=after the Megillah reading)

Sunday, May 31st, Southern Village on the Green, Market St., Chapel Hill, NC  6-8pm (free)

Sunday, June 7th, Weaver St. Market Jazz Brunch, Carrboro, NC 11am-1pm (free)

Thursday, June 25th, Cardinal Gibbons HS “Holocaust Outreach” Seminar Dinner Raleigh, NC 7:30pm (private)

Sunday, Sept. 27th, Carrboro Music Festival, Carrboro Town Commons, Carrboro, NC 1:00pm (FREE)

Sunday, Oct. 4th, *Watts St. Band “Pizza in the Hut” Succoth party, 12:30pm, Beth El Synagogue, Watts St., Durham, NC

Saturday, Oct. 10th, Durham, NC (Private Function)

Sunday, November 22nd, Chapel Hill, NC (Private Function)

Monday, December 28, *Watts St. Band Carol Woods Winter Festival, Chapel Hill, NC, 7:30pm


*Watts St. Band is the synagogue band for Beth El in Durham and shares many musicians w/Magnolia Klezmer.

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Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, The Magnolia Klezmer Band performs Eastern European Jewish music from Romania, Moldava, Russia and the Ukraine, classics from the American WW1 era: Kandel and Abe Schwartz Orchestras, and Yiddish theater songs with vocals in Yiddish and English.

Photo by Blair Pollack