Who We Were / Are

Setting up at Weaver St. Market 2011
- photo by Matthew Leavitt

Elliott Mills, Leader and Drummer

Steve on Bass - Carrboro Music Festival’14
(S. Bromberg)

Sid on Keyboard

Cosi onFiddle
Cosi on Fiddle - Weaver St. Market
Mel & Sandy on mandolins - Carrboro Music Festival
(Stu Solomon)
Leah on fiddle - Carrboro Music Festival
(Stu Solomon)
Vince on Tuba
Vince on tuba - Weaver St. Market
Jordan on clarinet
Jordan on clarinet - Weaver St. Market
Joan on Accordian
Joan on accordion /Richard on keyboard
Weaver St. Market
Bernie on vocals - Last Fridays-Hillsboro

Shelley and Bernie - International Festival
(Global Village Studio)
Shelley on vocals - Last Fridays-Hillsboro
weaver st
Jazz Brunch - Weaver Street Market
Dancing at Carol Woods

Magnolia Klezmer Quartet with Charles Cleaver
Raleigh History Museum opening of 'Down Home' Exhibit

Kathy on Trumpet - International Festival  10/10
(Global Village Studio)

Pinecone concert 11/10 (Lovey Cooper)

Pinecone concert 11/10 (Lovey Cooper)

Pinecone concert 11/10 (Lovey Cooper)

Sandy on Mandolin - International Festival  10/10
(Global Village Studio)

Magnolia Klezmer Quartet

Willie on Trombone - Carrboro Music Festivalí14
(S. Bromberg)

Louis on Sax - Carrboro Music Festivalí14
(S. Bromberg)

Julie on Keyboard - Carrboro Music Festival’14
(S. Bromberg)

Bernie on Dumbek

"Wedding @ Shady Wagon Farm" photo by A. J. Dunlap

Small Magnolias - Elliott, Jonathan, Dean, Ted, Phil